Conclave Curse of Strahd

Gertak's log: Day 2

We headed down into the basement, it was pitch black, so I called upon Helm to light our way. We explored the northern section, found some cots and the like but nothing “living”. I stood guard at the entrance to the room while the others explored and attempted to loot from these poor people.

As the dwarf was bashing the locks, and the rogue picking them, to get into some chests we were set upon by ghouls. The dwarf blasted the first ghoul into dust to start the encounter. I called upon Helm and was protected by his glorious aura. Aelous and Anarane finished off a 2nd. The 3rd was engaged and dispatched by the group. The 4th ghoul was dispatched, but not before it dealt some signifigant damage to both the Morwyn and Aelous.

We continued to explore and found more remains in a dining area. I crushed some skulls of skeletons and said a prayer for their souls.

Exploring further we come upon a statue of a gaunt place faced man wearing a voluminous black cloak, his left hand resting on the head of a wolf that stands next to him. In his right hand he held a smoky-gray crystal orb. I moved past this area but Rurik decided to go forward and pick up the orb. Upon picking it up he was set upon by a host of shadowy figures and we all rushed to protect him.

I rushed to a door that appeared to lead to the dwarf’s location and the door attacked me. Let me rephrase that for emphasis…THE DOOR ATTACKED ME!!! The door beat me up thoroughly but Ikeyna’s magic protected me and we were able to fell the … door. Rurik went down during the fight but Anarane got him back up with some goodberries. Anarane later went down but Helms light shone through and brought her back to her feet. We finished off the shadows and took a quick break.

We tended to the skeletons of the children and buried them in their family crypts. I said a prayer to Helm that they find peace inthe afterlife that they did not have in this one.

We explored the rest of this level and found a large bedroom. I left after seeing there were no enemies and prepared to go down stairs but Aelous and Ileyna were beset by two other creatures, resembling the previous ghouls we faced but more powerful. Aelous went down during this fight but we managed to defeat the creatures. I used the last of my magics for the day to get him back on his feet. The thing I noticed that concerned me, though, was that the chest in this bedroom had been opened after I left. I do not know which of them opened it, but I should watch them closely.

The rest of the group set about robbing these poor people while Gertak lay the bodies of both Gustav and Elisabeth to rest.

We proceeded to the lower level and found a room with a pool of water and a dias in the room. We explored the area and there was a pile of trash in the bottom. Having encountered the killer door earlier, I smashed the pile with my mace. Much to my surprise the pile stood up as a large creature made of plants and vines. We fought the creature for a few seconds but were severly over matched and retreated. We barely made it out of the room with the creature but we did.

As we went up stairs into the house things had changed immensely, smoke was everywhere and the windows and doors were all impassable. We ran for it and made itout alive…



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