Conclave Curse of Strahd

Gertak's Log: Day 5

We moved on through the brewery and encountered another druid in the east. We managed to dispatch him but took further wounds as he called upon the thunder to inflict signifigant damage. After we finished him off I called upon the every watchful eye and healed our wounds.

We proceed into another room, the basement, and there were more twigs with a druid here. We dispatched these foes without overly much effort and Rurik found a secret door. Morwyn proceeded ahead to search it for us but was felled by some mold that drained the heat from his body. Rurik pulled him out and I was able to restore him with a touch from Helm.

We proceeded through the rest of the building and found 1 more room with enemies, a room with a druid and two vine creatures. This fight also resulted in some substantial punishment to our team due to the close quarters and further thunder calling by the druids.

After we cleared all of the enemies Morowyn tried the wine they were creating and dropped unconscious by the poison in it. Aelous took care of getting him back on his feet and we took a rest and recovered. On one of the druids we had found a magic staff that had the ability to steal the life from your enemies and restore it to you and had some control over the twigs, including the ability to destroy them if the item was broken.

We took a vote and decided not to destroy the staff but to try to use it to get past the blights. As I was loading the wagon, though, Aelous proceeded out to try and take the staff from Rurik to destroy it but Rurik was already destorying it as Aelous had caught the attention of all the twigs and they were rushing up on him. Upon breaking the staff all of the twigs were destroyed.

After the twigs fell some people came from the woods, the original inhabitants of the brewery. We spoke with them and learned there were some seeds that had helped the brewery grow their grapes and that the druids had stolen them. We offered to go get them back…



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