Conclave Curse of Strahd

Escape from the cursed house

Well, I’d be a liar if I didn’t confess that I was completely wrong about that house. I thought it was a bunch of cry baby kids complaining about nothing when we entered, but it turned out to be the most bat shit crazy abode I’ve ever seen. And that includes those elven tree houses.
Armor coming to life, ghosts of little babes, undead corpses busting out of walls, walls turning into rats, and even a giant rotten plant thing chasing us outta there. Oh, and worst of all, a shiny orb sprouting shadow demons aiming to make me weaker than a rock gnome librarian.
By Moradin’s beard, I don’t know what we have gotten our selves into here. And from some stuff we were reading inside, it connects somehow to some vampire. And I’m thinking that the note that brought us here is too, especially after the letter we cound on that corpse on the road side.
I’m always one for a good wandering, seeing new places and all. And I’m still glad to be out from under the stagnant cave life me kin know, but I think we found our selves in damn strange land. My only hope is that the tavern has some good ale to help me forget about some of the crazy shit we just saw in that house.
On a side note, my connection with these forces of the storm seems to be getting stronger. Still not much better at predicting the weather (thought it would be storming for days now but hasn’t) yet the forces be coming to me easier in a fight than before. But I’m now struggling with a most dire dilemma; to hit me foes with a hammer or zap em with thunder and lightning.



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