Conclave Curse of Strahd

Gertak's Log: Day 4

We passed on through the gates on our path to Valllaki. We passed the mill, planning to return after we drop off our charge, and finally arrive at Villaki.

We had food and drinks and found that the inn’s wine supply has not come in several weeks. We were asked to investigate and we agreed.

We meet a traveler in the inn who spoke of his home where dragons and feral cat women roam the world, taking travelers willy-nilly unless they know a tale. He also said he came to Barovia to start a circus but has somewhat lost that dream as there just isn’t anything around to create a circus with.

Early in the morning we head out to check on the wine supplier. Along the road we encounter a couple of trappers but they don’t know anything about the winery as they haven’t been there in some time.

Upon arriving at the vineyard a figure in a dark cloak and cowl beckoned us closer. We greeted the figure and he slipped back into the trees and beckons us to follow. We all agree dnot to follow him.

We made it to the house and are assaulted by a horde of walking bushes. We we inside the winery and barred the door.

As we began to explore we ran into a whole bunch of ravens and a women dressed in clothes made of animal hides. She attacks along with a number more twigs. Aeolous drops the druid easily and we finish off the twigs after a minute or two. Some minor injuries were sustained but nothing substantial. Interestingly the ravens did not attack us and did attack the plants.



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