Conclave Curse of Strahd

Gertak's Log: Day 7

We headed to the hill where the druids are said to reside and Anarane started hearing strange things. I’m not entirely sure she still had her sense about her but we followed her to see what she was hearing. She lead us to a cairn and started talking…… Eventually she started digging in it, crazy woman that she is, and pulls out a stone spear that Morwyn detects as magical. Anarane took the spear, stole it really. {Turns out the spear is +2 in her hands and if she kills a creature in melee gives her 2d6 temp hp}

I scouted the area with Reggie and found a copse of trees, dead, with a big tree in the middle that was oozing blood. It also had an axe in it, a skeleton near the axe, and a lot of blights around it. We advanced forward and attacked the blights. It was a tough fight but we managed to beat them off.

We studied the skeleton and it appeared it was a human that died to blights. I decided to carry the skeleton out to see if he had any family to bury. We found the battleaxe, buried in the tree, was carved with vines and looked well made. Rurik took the axe, which is good against plants apparently, and we evaluated the tree. We determined it is some kind of vampiric tree capable of creating these twig creatures. We agreed we will want to destroy the tree but this just isn’t the time with other possible enemies around.

In the distance, through the fog, we saw a city but it doesn’t seem there is an easy way to get there (due to the fog).



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